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We are proud of the success we have had in the recruitment of engineers to fill jobs in Birmingham and across the Midlands, the standards we have set and the company we have built over the last 10 years. Here at Luton Bennett, we work hard to make sure we are on top of the latest trends. We have some of the best recruitment systems in the industry to ensure that we can find the very best engineering candidates for your jobs. Through interviewing and speaking with candidates in depth, we are able to identify key skills and work experiences that will match with your business requirements.

We offer an unfaultable service in the sourcing of engineering candidates for jobs that are based in and around the Birmingham area. We provide an honest and friendly approach to the candidates that we support. We specialise in the recruitment of maintenance engineers, design engineers, quality engineers and manufacturing engineers amongst other roles such as service engineers. At Luton Bennett we are set up to support all of your recruitment needs. If you have a role that you think is too niche for us please go on and test us, we hope that you will be impressed by our service.


Best known for its industrial background and being the second largest city in the UK. Birmingham has a fun side full of vibrant art and culture. Did you know that Birmingham is currently the home of five separate universities? Innovation is the key to the city. Recruiting true talent and skills within engineering is really important for us. Use Luton Bennett to secure the engineers of your future. As a specialist engineering recruitment agency, this is an exciting prospect for us to be part of.

Birmingham was always regarded as the prime industrial urban town in Britain. Mills and foundries were very much at the forefront. Fast forwards to now and Birmingham's present day research and innovations are often in the fields of medical science with the universities currently carrying out groundbreaking research into micro-technologies and fibre optics. Advances in the field of engineering are happening quickly and Birmingham is very much a city of possibilities.


With it being so central in the UK, Birmingham is undoubtedly a desirable location. With Wolverhampton, Coventry, Nottingham and Telford all in close proximity, engineering opportunities in the area are commonplace. Derby’s rail and automotive manufacturing sectors locally also make this urban centre of the Midlands. Birmingham is a vital cog in the country’s engineering and manufacturing successes. As a specialist engineering recruitment agency, engineering jobs in Birmingham are an exciting prospect for us to be part of.

Somerset House, 37 Temple Street, Birmingham, B2 5DP. Phone: 0121 514 1050

To find out more about our engineering recruitment services in Birmingham, please drop us a call on 0121 514 1050 or use the button below to send us in a job vacancy.

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    10 years of experience, great knowledge of the industry and a strong network of candidates. Luton Bennett will find engineers that are right for you.

    We will work with you to add real value to your businesses in Birmingham.

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    Our consultants are trained to the highest standards. We will provide a great service and find you the best Engineers.

    Our Engineers go on do great things and so our clients come back to us time after time.

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Featured Testimonials

  • Thomas Dudley


    I have been working with Luton Bennett for over a year now and found that the partnership worked exceptionally well. They have a way of understanding exactly what I am asking for and had a fantastic delivery rate from Director to Engineers. The team are always available to respond to any queries I may have. All in all I would recommend Luton Bennet for a recruitment partnership.

  • Wieland


    My previous experience of recruitment agencies has not been good. I have been using Luton Bennett for a few years now and they are quite simply the best agency I have ever used. Tenacious, determined to find the correct candidate and offer a great service. Open and honest and will discuss any issues in a respectful but frank way. They get the best person every time!

  • Supreme


    Luton Bennett helped me place several Engineers over a 7 month period. The whole process was very well managed and professionally handled. I highly recommend the team at Luton Bennett and fully intend to continue using their services in the future.

  • Xtratherm


    From a personal note as HR for the UK, my time can often be divided between numerous endeavours. Luton Bennett has made a point of ensuring that they adapt their working style to fit with my preferences. They respect my own workload against the priorities of theirs which has made for a fantastic working relationship. I would highly recommend.

  • Troika Systems


    I have dealt with Luton Bennet for many years and have had excellent service, we have been lucky enough to have 100% retention of the staff supplied by them - Excellent service!

  • Track Machine Tools


    I used Luton Bennet to fill a role which not only had a very high skill requirement but also had a very specific set of skills needed. After a number of successful interviews we finally managed to find the right person for the role who i am happy to say will be starting with us.I will certainly use Luton Bennett again in the future for recruitment purposes.

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