Amanda Hughes / Luton Bennett

Amanda Hughes

in her own words..

What is your current role at Luton Bennett? Senior Business Development Executive

What did you join Luton Bennett as? I joined as a Business Development Executive.

Why did you join Luton Bennett?

Throughout my long sales career I have always worked with large Blue-Chip Companies and felt I had a more of an opportunity to make a difference by working within a smaller growing company.

After meeting with the two directors Kim and Toby I knew straight away that this was the job for me. The opportunities to progress to the next level in my career were genuine and to be honest after 3 years I haven’t looked back once.

What’s your story?

Where do I start!!!! I came over from Ireland wanting to be a Psychiatric Nurse and working for many years at Glenside Hospital.

I then got into sales as I had a friend working at a call centre. After I had my children, I wanted a new challenge and so got a job there. It did not take long for me to work my way up quite quickly. Being a mum had given me a new purpose in my life and I worked really hard as I now had a family depending on me.

To cut a very long story short I found my passion for Sales and to date through sheer hard work and resilience I have made a very good career from it.

Joining Luton Bennett has been life changing as cheesy as it may sound!!! I have worked for many companies that just don’t invest any profits into their staff.

Here at Luton Bennett the Directors reward hard work by paying a very generous pay and commission that is always reachable with hard work.

I am now a grandmother of 5!!! I have even more purpose to come to work every day!!!!!

My personal Recipe for success: Everybody has bad days and good days. It’s what we do when we have those bad days that make the difference. Never give up and hard work delivered with the right attitude always pays off!!!

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