Catherine Challes / Luton Bennett

Catherine Challes

in her own words..

What is your current role at Luton Bennett? Principle Consultant

What did you join Luton Bennett as? A Graduate Recruitment Consultant. I have progressed through the ranks which has been fun!

Why did you join Luton Bennett?
In order: 1. Because of the amazing training and development, 2. Great earning potential and 3. Fun incentives.

What’s your story?
I went to Bath University (studied Sociology and Social Policy) and worked as a waitress whilst studying. I Started at Luton Bennett a week after finishing university. At my interview I was captivated by the earning potential available at LB. I wasn’t sure if all this recruitment stuff was going to be as good as it sounded but it turns out that it definitely is!
I joined the business as it was an opportunity to join a small, successful business where you get on going personal and professional development. As I was moving to the new city of Bristol it was also important to me that I integrated into a supportive, social and friendly organisation.

I also liked the fact that recruitment was a level playing field. Whether you started as a grad or a senior experienced consultant you are giving the same tools, the same resources and effectively the opportunity to earn the same money.
Despite joining the business in 2015 there is still weird and wonderful surprises every week, so every day is a bit different.
The team here always review where we can improve things which ultimately makes us achieve and earn more.
Now my pockets are far deeper than I ever dreamed off and I enjoy financial freedom to live the lifestyle I want to. It’s not an easy ride though, it’s a really hard job but the highs far outweighs the lows.
My personal Recipe for success: Never lose sight of what you’re working towards; always push yourself out of your comfort zone and never give up!

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