Jason Duffield

in his own words..

What is your current role at Luton Bennett? Senior Recruitment Consultant

What did you join Luton Bennett as? A Graduate Recruitment Consultant.

Why did you join Luton Bennett?

I initially joined Luton Bennett because of the earning potential, this a big aspect of it, but I’ve found there’s so much more than just money on offer; the culture is brilliant, and the training, development, and progression that I have received, and continue to receive, has been exceptional.

What’s your story?

I studied History and Plymouth University, I moved to Bristol a few weeks after graduating and started with Luton Bennett the next day! I was very nervous about going from a relatively relaxed Uni lifestyle to the commercial world, but the opportunities I have had here and the level of support offered made this transition actually enjoyable!

Probably noted by my colleagues as very quiet during the first weeks, with help from the team I have developed quickly and completely came out of my shell. With a lot of grit and a big competitive streak I progressed to Senior Consultant within 9 months and beat my fellow trainees to a few company records along the way, which I never mention at all (sorry Mollie!).

I am just coming up to the 2 year mark with Luton Bennett and am excited for what the future holds, Toby & Kim have some really exciting plans which I’m looking forward to being a part of!!

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