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Emanuel Auer

in his own words..

What is your current role at Luton Bennett? Recruitment Consultant

What did you join Luton Bennett as? A Graduate Recruitment Consultant. I have moved into the consultant’s position at a fast pace.

Why did you join Luton Bennett?

I joined Luton Bennett for various reasons, 1. To increase my earning potential. 2. To develop within a commercial environment. 3. To move into the city of Bristol to enjoy a new experience, having grown up in the countryside.

What’s your story?

I started my career by leaving school at 16 years old with aspirations to join the RAF as a Physical training instructor. During this period, I decide to pursue qualifications in personal training and sport. During my application process I found myself working in hospitality where I developed a flair and passion for customer service.

Moving into management early on in my career, I had gained 4 years of Management experience across the industry by the time I left. I took the decision to leave hospitality upon my decision to move to Bristol.

Upon my search of opportunities, I focused on searching for a career move with opportunities for development, dealing with clientele and a fast-paced environment. That’s how I found Luton Bennett.

Upon interviewing and successfully joining the team, I started a challenging journey to learn the ropes of recruitment. Within a short period of time I had honed my strengths, and have now successfully climbed up the office leader boards since. My next move will be to a Senior Consultant.

I have now achieved complete financial stability and control, as well as a few perks and treats on the side for myself. I have recently upgraded my Old VW Polo to a Modern Nissan Qashqai!

I look forward after a year of recruitment, to see what the future holds for me next.

My personal Recipe for success: I have a few basic principles which keep me on track.

- Always work hard.
- Ensure you are honest and respectful to those around you.
- Be Punctual.
- Be Eloquent and Articulated.
- Always strive to be the best, even if you are less experienced.

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