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From heavy manufacturing through to niche machine part manufacturers, Sheffield has such a variety of great businesses that we support as an engineering recruitment specialist. Here at Luton Bennett, we provide recruitment services to a really broad range of companies. Small and large businesses, and just about any industry that you can image, we enjoy the challenge that inevitably comes with filling your roles. We are here to find you the best candidates for your engineering vacancy and to consult and advise you where needed.

Our genuine interest in your specialist sectors means that we are happy to take the time to understand the challenges that you are facing. We get that recruitment is of paramount importance and what it truly means to hire motivated & highly skilled talent. Driven by the desire of adding value to your business as an engineering recruitment agency, we can find candidates working at junior levels through to Senior Director’s and everything in between.


Sheffield history was as the undisputed iron, steel and cutlery capital. Home to the well-used “Stainless Steel” as we now call it, its association with metalwork is almost as old as the city itself. By the mid-1800’s, Sheffield was a producing a whopping 85% of Britain’s steel. Sheffield is a place that has changed lots in modern times whilst managing to retain its heritage. As an engineering recruitment agency we have seen how quickly Sheffield has embraced and adapted to the changes in manufacturing. It is city that we are proud to recruit into and look forward to supporting its established and new businesses now and in the future.


With our clients spanning the length and breadth of the UK, we are confident in providing a great service from our office in Bristol. Our systems and processes ensure that we can rapidly and reliably provide you with the very best engineers to fill roles in Sheffield. Tried and tested, we have REC Audited status in place. This is the gold standard in recruitment and means that we will do a good job for you. Through the trusted and long standing relationships we have built with our clients, we are able to work effectively with our network of experienced engineers. We strive to help the best engineers find positions that best suit their needs which will in turn suit yours.

If you’re looking for the perfect engineering recruitment agency to support your business and fill your roles across Sheffield we are happy to help. Simply give us a call on 0117 244 1963 or use the button below to submit a job.

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    Sourcing only the very best CANDIDATES

    Challenge us, we can fill all of your engineering and technical roles in Sheffield. Maintenance, Service, Design, Manufacturing or even a super niche Project Engineer role..

    We have the experience you can trust. Since 2009 we have filled well over 2000 roles.

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    Your trusted recruitment partner

    Our REC Audited status demonstrates that we run our business at the highest level. We will represent you and your brand well.

    We will tailor the way that we work to fit in with your company processes.

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Featured Testimonials

  • Thomas Dudley


    I have been working with Luton Bennett for over a year now and found that the partnership worked exceptionally well. They have a way of understanding exactly what I am asking for and had a fantastic delivery rate from Director to Engineers. The team are always available to respond to any queries I may have. All in all I would recommend Luton Bennet for a recruitment partnership.

  • Wieland


    My previous experience of recruitment agencies has not been good. I have been using Luton Bennett for a few years now and they are quite simply the best agency I have ever used. Tenacious, determined to find the correct candidate and offer a great service. Open and honest and will discuss any issues in a respectful but frank way. They get the best person every time!

  • Supreme


    Luton Bennett helped me place several Engineers over a 7 month period. The whole process was very well managed and professionally handled. I highly recommend the team at Luton Bennett and fully intend to continue using their services in the future.

  • Xtratherm


    From a personal note as HR for the UK, my time can often be divided between numerous endeavours. Luton Bennett has made a point of ensuring that they adapt their working style to fit with my preferences. They respect my own workload against the priorities of theirs which has made for a fantastic working relationship. I would highly recommend.

  • Troika Systems


    I have dealt with Luton Bennet for many years and have had excellent service, we have been lucky enough to have 100% retention of the staff supplied by them - Excellent service!

  • Track Machine Tools


    I used Luton Bennet to fill a role which not only had a very high skill requirement but also had a very specific set of skills needed. After a number of successful interviews we finally managed to find the right person for the role who i am happy to say will be starting with us.I will certainly use Luton Bennett again in the future for recruitment purposes.

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