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Covering Glasgow and also the surrounding Scottish regions of Edinburgh, Kilmarnock, Dumfries, Perth and Dundee, we are able to assist with all your recruitment needs. Luton Bennett provides engineering recruitment services throughout the UK. By understanding your business, reasons for hiring, team, future plans and the technical skills required, we will work to find you the best talent out there. It’s no easy task but were ready for our next challenge. We appreciate that your job can be stressful enough already, so why not leave the recruitment side to us? With our REC Accreditation in place, the gold standard in recruitment, you know that you’re in safe hands.


Similar to many cities across the UK, Glasgow has seen itself change and adapt to the needs of the country over the last couple of hundred years. From its earlier days of industrial shipbuilding, it now finds itself with a contemporary set up where industries such as aerospace technology, renewable energy and heavy engineering are taking the forefront.

With its world renowned architecture, beauty and culture, it’s not surprising that people just love it here. From having one of the oldest underground railway systems in the world through to being the first place you could ever watch TV. Glasgow is a place of history and innovation. Glasgow has so much going for it that it is not surprising that engineering recruitment and the engineering industry in general here is flourishing.


As an engineering recruitment agency covering Glasgow, an effective and knowledgeable approach to employment services is really important. By solely specialising in engineering, we have the required knowledge to ask the right questions and find you the right answers. We acknowledge that there is so much more to a candidate than just a good CV. We take the time to interview each candidate and ensure their motivations are right for your team and that their skills are of the required level. We are confident in our ability to supply you with great talent at a quick pace. Tell us what matters most to your business and we will find what you need.

From our office down in Bristol, a mere 371 miles from Glasgow, we understand that communication for both client and candidates is everything. Our effective communication allows our engineering recruitment services to be nothing short of speedy. We know that time is of the essence in this situation and given that engineering is a very candidate driven market, the last thing you would want is your competitor hiring the best engineer for your job.

We are confident in our methods. Trust in Luton Bennett for all of your engineering recruitment needs in Glasgow.

If you’re looking for the perfect engineering recruitment agency to support your business and fill your roles across Glasgow we are happy to help. Simply give us a call on 0117 244 1963 or use the button below to submit a job.

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    Let us assist with your RECRUITMENT

    Throughout Glasgow and the rest of the UK, we can help out with hard to fill engineering jobs.

    As we know top talent can hide ANYWHERE we look EVERYWHERE. Advertising, databases, social media, you name it and we use it!

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    Speed whilst remaining compliant

    We will quickly get the best Engineers in front of you. We have gold accredited processes in place here.

    We are on the small and select list of REC audited recruiters. We want to make placements that make beneficial differences to the companies and Engineers we work with.

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Featured Testimonials

  • Thomas Dudley


    I have been working with Luton Bennett for over a year now and found that the partnership worked exceptionally well. They have a way of understanding exactly what I am asking for and had a fantastic delivery rate from Director to Engineers. The team are always available to respond to any queries I may have. All in all I would recommend Luton Bennet for a recruitment partnership.

  • Wieland


    My previous experience of recruitment agencies has not been good. I have been using Luton Bennett for a few years now and they are quite simply the best agency I have ever used. Tenacious, determined to find the correct candidate and offer a great service. Open and honest and will discuss any issues in a respectful but frank way. They get the best person every time!

  • Supreme


    Luton Bennett helped me place several Engineers over a 7 month period. The whole process was very well managed and professionally handled. I highly recommend the team at Luton Bennett and fully intend to continue using their services in the future.

  • Xtratherm


    From a personal note as HR for the UK, my time can often be divided between numerous endeavours. Luton Bennett has made a point of ensuring that they adapt their working style to fit with my preferences. They respect my own workload against the priorities of theirs which has made for a fantastic working relationship. I would highly recommend.

  • Troika Systems


    I have dealt with Luton Bennet for many years and have had excellent service, we have been lucky enough to have 100% retention of the staff supplied by them - Excellent service!

  • Track Machine Tools


    I used Luton Bennet to fill a role which not only had a very high skill requirement but also had a very specific set of skills needed. After a number of successful interviews we finally managed to find the right person for the role who i am happy to say will be starting with us.I will certainly use Luton Bennett again in the future for recruitment purposes.

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