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We know your market.

NPI or improvements to your current manufacturing processes. We will secure you the best Manufacturing Engineer for your job.

We will efficiently source Improvements Engineers, Lean Engineers, Process Engineers, Production Engineers & NPI Engineers for your business.

FMCG or heavy manufacturing, we have placed over 2000 engineers since 2009 and so we will understand your industry specifics. High or low volume production, batch or cellular manufacturing, we want to hear all about your production environment.

We regularly place Manufacturing Engineers everywhere from the biggest cities to some of the most remote locations in the UK.

5S, KANBAN, KAIZEN or 6 Sigma. Our clients use lots of different tools & techniques for process improvements. Green Belts, Black Belts, Degrees and relevant qualifications are the starting point. We then fully interview every candidate to understand what part they personally played in projects and what the associated results were.

Luton Bennett’s own processes set the gold standard in engineering recruitment. We have "REC Audited" status meaning we operate our business at the highest level.

Let us improve the calibre of candidates that you meet & hire.

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